New homes

model: A.

Summer has been odd and as the autumn comes I settle my thoughts down. I am writing from a new place staring at cars speeding on the highway on the horizon outside my window. The same highway I was driving when I was 15, pointing at where I am now, whispering ‘It would be so so cool to live there’.

Glasgow swallowed me and once again I am making myself home. Playing with Montgomery’s words, I used to say ‘All places are temporary palaces’. Does not matter if it is a tent in the middle of nowhere or another hotel room in a random city. The walls of my home are as wide as my arms spread (I do not know where I am stealing this line from.) And although it sounds typical, it is good to give it a try and just follow my instincts, even if they take me further than I thought.

Instead of cardboard boxes full of material belongings, I pack my ‘mental’ boxes with memories, experiences and inspiration and I am happy to find myself on a train straight to where magic happens. And this place seems to be once again outside the comfort zone.

Working on the walls of this digital space took more effort than expected. I cannot find words to express how thankful I am that my boyfriend finds energy for my chaotic web-design visions. One day I am convinced to recreate my website and blog to give them strong fundaments. They become one and the process of building a new online home begins. As my old ‘woahmagic’ fades away, I see how things evolve in my mind. I take this time to develop myself and learn on my own. Being offline feels refreshing.

I have been missing having a space to share small things and big visions. To enter when the lights in my bedroom are off and everyone is asleep. I hope to have these rooms full of beautiful people and walls full of beautiful stories again.

You are very welcome here.

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