Infamous youth

As I decided to keep this photography blog more personal, I want to show my work accompanied by some words. Today I am sharing a few pictures from my recent test editorial ‘Infamous youth’ inspired by Ello x Posture’s ‘Infamous’ which I intended to join.

‘This project taught me more than others.’ I write in my journal to realise that I say that after every time I work on something. There is no way you do photography and organise a photoshoot without learning a book of information.

Organised just three days before the deadline and one day before starting college, it takes place in a very chaotic moment. Although is there a better place to create than chaos?

I could not imagine a better ‘Lolita’ in front of my camera than Sophie. As Lynsey is working on make up, I am making last drawings. I feel excited.

Relying on daylight means regular coffee breaks and having the last bite of a sandwich when the Sun reappears. The lighting is treating us well though. Most of the time I am happy with clouds hanging there as natural softboxes. Although when the sunshine is needed, I feel like Scotland is laughing at me and my visions. After a very quick brainstorm I decide to take my 4 pounds night lamp to produce a splash of warm light.

I take two days for editing to meet the deadline. I finish everything up a few hours before the midnight but Ello’s submission pool is already closed. (Somewhere in the world there is another day already!) I feel like in the middle of a bad taste comedy but it actually makes me laugh. I enjoyed the journey so much that I do not mind if destination slightly changed. However, shit happens, sometimes as much as magic.

Model – Sophia Elizabeth @ Superior Model Management

Make up – Lynsey McLeay

Thanks to Cafe Fame for sharing some space.

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